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Solar Panel and Battery Storage Repairs, Servicing and Testing

At A A Electrical, we not only install Solar PV & battery systems, our engineers can also fault find, repair and upgrade current PV and battery systems.

How Much Maintenance Does solar PV Require?

Solar PV and battery systems require little regular maintenance, but as systems get older, you may need to replace inverters and make repairs to your installation.

We can help identify faults if you experience any issues, but to help avoid problems and deal with issues quickly (especially if you benefit from a Feed in Tariff or Export Tariff), follow these simply guidelines:

  1. Arrange for Solar Panels to be cleaned (often window cleaners can help with this). Keeping panels clean helps them generate more effectively.
  2. Check that your system is generating but keeping an eye on the generation meter. If the numbers are not increasing as you’d expect, you may have a fault.
  3. Give your panels a visual inspection, especially after unusual weather (heavy wind or rain) to check that nothing has moved.
  4. Monitor your battery usage – most modern systems come with online monitoring. Check this regularly and ensure that your battery is working as it should be.