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Solar Panel Repairs & Testing

At A A Electrical, when we provide you with installation of your solar panels, we’re careful to think about the long term health of your solar panels.

We understand that sometimes, unforeseen circumstances, such as changing weather conditions, pollution, traffic dust or even bird droppings can lead to your installations failing to work properly or even breaking, and so we’re always on hand to complete any repair work that may be required.

How Much Maintenance Does solar PV Require?

At A A Electrical, we understand that the constant maintenance of your solar panels can be a chore, so we’re pleased to ensure you that our solar panels require only a small amount of upkeep. However, solar panel owners should be vigilant of the effects of general wear and tear on their solar panels. Experts have agreed that dirty solar panels produce far less energy than a clean panel, which can drastically effect the efficiency and monetary value of your installed solar panels.

To achieve the peace of mind that your solar panels are a worthy investment, providing you with the energy and monetary savings that you desire, the upkeep of your solar panels is vital. Key benefits include.