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Exterior Lighting

Here at A A Electrical, we pride ourselves on looking after the entirety of your home, and that goes beyond just the inside of your property.

This is why at A A Electrical, we provide an exterior lighting service, to ensure your garden looks just as pretty as your house.

Bespoke lighting for landscape Gardeners For professional landscape gardeners, we can provide a bespoke service to suit your designs. As a part of our comprehensive exterior lighting service, we can help you with circuit loading as well as switching regardless of whether it’s manually, automatic or indeed wirelessly switched. Also included in our service is the provision of technical advice whilst you try to create the perfect environment for your customer’s garden.

We’ll also help you complete an upgrade of existing systems, lights and circuits should they be required based on your designs. Our complete and professional exterior lighting service can help to transform your garden into a really stylish space that you can be proud of. Just speak to us about your requirements and we will help you create a truly beautiful space.