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Electrical Vehicle Home Charging in Ipswich & Woodbridge

If you are one of the increasing number of people moving over to an electric vehicle, you’ll be looking for the most efficient and speedy way to charge your vehicle at home.

Using a standard 13amp, 3 pin socket in your home will charge your vehicle, but a dedicated charge point will charge significantly quicker, the speed at which will depend on the EV model you choose.

The Zappi unit can be installed in any home, but if you have Solar Panels, this is definitely the best option for you, as you can charge your car using   un-used power that you loose back to the grid. 

As approved installers for MyEnergi (Zappi EV chargers) and Rolec, we can help you find the right charger to suit you, and ensure that you benefit from the Government Grant of up to £500 including VAT towards the cost of your EV charger installation. 

The OLEV (Office for Low Emissions Vehicles) Grant is available now, so don’t delay, as the scheme has a limited budget and will end!

If you are a full electric or hybrid vehicle owner and charging your car in the Woodbridge or Ipswich areas, installing an EV charging point at your property is beneficial, making it quicker and more convenient to charge the batteries in you electric vehicle.

  • By installing a dedicated EV charging point you can charge your electric vehicle up to 60% faster than a traditional standard household 13amp plug! Our engineers access the 240V electricity supply at your property, to increase charging speeds.
  • You will no longer have to rely on overnight charging, with low wattage charging via a household plug or public charging units.
  • Without a professionally installed EV chargepoint, charging electric vehicles using a standard 13amp socket can be a hazard. A dedicated EV charge point makes charging your electric vehicle safer with less cable clutter.
  • As the number of electric vehicle grows, by installing an EV charger at your property you will add value for any future buyers.

OLEV Grant

The Office For Low Emission Vehicles, introduced grant funding to encourage drivers to swap to electric cars and business to switch their fleets to electric or hybrid vehicles. Applegarth Engineering have been approved by the government body to install EV Chargers using the following schemes:

  • Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme
  • Workplace Charge Point Scheme
  • On-Street Residential Charge Point Scheme

Electric Vehicle Home Charge Scheme

Through the OLEV grant scheme a contribution of up to £500 off the cost of a single point, domestic EV Charger installation is available. Our engineers are able to install domestic EV Chargers at a discounted rate under the electric vehicle home charge scheme.

Workplace Charge Point Scheme

  • A Commercial OLEV Grant is available for business, charities and public authorities. Charging points can be installed in off-street parking areas by an approved installer such as ourselves.