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Solar Panels

At A A Electrical, we are very conscious of our carbon footprint and also keen to help our customers not only save money, but also establish a green solution to providing power to their household.

This is why at A A Electrical, we provide an important solar panel service to help our customers achieve their goal of a more green lifestyle.

Why Should I Get Solar PV?

Both as homeowners and business owners, we all have a responsibility to do our bit in a time when green living is so important. Whilst many solutions to cutting carbon footprints have been discussed at length, solar panels are at once, one of the most immediately attractive providing your home with considerable power, whilst being an aesthetically attractive addition to a property. Money from Government backed Feed In Tariff (FIT) Scheme

With such considerable savings in terms of finances and also an important and positive effect on your carbon footprint, the introduction of solar panels is an evolutionary addition to a home, and one that should be implemented soon.