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At A A Electrical, we are committed to helping all of our customers overcome their electrical difficulties regardless of the specific circumstances and the difficulty surrounding them.

At A A Electrical, we are firm believers that there is nothing worse than a cold house. In the winter time especially, your home can become unbearably cold if your heating is not installed or working correctly. For this reason, A A Electrical consider the heating service that we provide to be a very important part of what we do.

Eco-friendly heating

There are few things as luxurious in the household as underfloor heating, providing a consistently warm feeling throughout your home. As part of the heating service that we provide, we place underfloor heating as an important installation for customers looking for the perfect home.

Panel Heaters

Both stylish and effective, panel heating provides an excellent heating solution to any household. Mostly used in bathrooms and bedrooms, typically rooms that require heat at irregular intervals, panel heaters can also be used in offices, living rooms or conservatories.

Electric Storage Heaters

At A A Electrical, we also provide a service of installation and maintenance of electrical heaters. Electrical storage heaters store thermal energy during the evening and night, releasing the heat during the day when needed. These are the most cost effective and efficient form of electric central heating available. At A A Electrical, our heating service is robust including the following.