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Underfloor Heating System

One of the most popular and indeed luxurious heating services that we provide is the installation, repair and maintenance of underfloor heating.

At A A Electrical, we’re always keen to promote underfloor heating which can add a real touch of class to a property, whether it is a home address or a business property.

Underfloor heating can provide real comfort to a home, particularly in a cold climate, as well as being the main source of heating. The growing popularity of modern tiled and wood floors had led to underfloor heating becoming a popular option, in the process also becoming very affordable. Energy costs can be considerably reduced with the service being suitable for both small and larger spaces.

Another pleasing aspect of underfloor heating is its environmentally-friendly position within the heating industry. The heat produced from underfloor heating is widely regarded as healthy, not burning oxygen or polluting the environment, ensuring 100% efficiency (a result of all of the electricity consumed being converted into heat).

Other than a thermostat, underfloor heating is mostly invisible, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Being economical, comfortable, quiet and ecological, underfloor heating may be the option for you.