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Smoke, Carbon & Heat Detection Systems

Safety for your home

At A A Electrical we take safety in the household as seriously as you do.

There are many options for alarms in your home, and we can help you choose the right alarms to protect your loved ones. We usually supply and install Aico products as we have found them to be the most reliable, and cost effective on the market. As a minimum, you should have one smoke alarm for every floor of your home, but fires can start in any area, so the more you have, the better protected you are.

Wood burners:

A standard smoke alarm will be constantly triggered in a room that has a wood burner installed.  Instead, a multi-sensor alarm is available, which detects heat and carbon monoxide.

Kitchens & Garages: 

Conventional smoke alarms are not ideal for kitchens, as cooking (and burned toast!) can trigger them.  Instead, a heat alarm is the best option.

Bedrooms, hallways and general living areas:

In most cases, a standard smoke alarm is all you need.  There batteries will need to be replaced every 12 months, or you can have alarms fitted with sealed 10 year batteries.