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Electric Storage Heating

Here at A A Electrical, we are proud to offer as a service the installation and maintenance of electric storage heating.

An ever more popular option in terms of efficiency, monetary savings and effectiveness of the heat itself, electric storage heaters store thermal energy during the evening or night, when electricity is cheaper.

Electric Storage Heating Services

At A A Electrical, we regularly encounter customers, who have reservations about installing an Electric Storage Heater by themselves. This is often due to a lack of confidence in their own understanding of some of the more technical aspects of the heater. For this reason, A A Electrical are always delighted to assist our customers, both commercial and domestic with their installation. Beyond the initial installation, A A Electrical can assist with the continued maintenance of the heater and advice our customers on getting the most out of their electric storage heater.

Storage Heaters in East Anglia

At A A Electrical, we’ve been proud to assist a large number of clients throughout East Anglia and the surrounding areas with the installation, upkeep and advice for their electric storage heaters. We regularly recommend the service to a number of new clients and have seen the positive impact that it has had on households and businesses.