How to Wire for Smart Tech

The technology we use in everyday life is getting smarter and smarter. Today, we can control our lights with the tap of a smartphone, we can adjust our heating by logging on from anywhere in the world, we can even keep tabs and watch security footage from outside our homes live online. But despite all the amazing technology now available to us, not all homes are keeping up with smart tech.

In this blog we’ll be finding out what it takes to wire up a home to enjoy the benefits of smart home systems and home automation. From deciding whether Wi-Fi or wired connections are best for your soon-to-be smart home, to co-ordinating a revamp with a tech update to make home automation easier and neater, we’ve outlined a few key considerations.

Wireless or Wired Smart Tech?

For anyone keen to increase the “IQ” of their home with smart technology, your access to the digital world is all important. This will keep you and your household devices connected and synced. So should you opt for a wired or wireless connection? In older properties where upgrades may call for significant rewiring, Wi-Fi is recommended, but many industry experts who specialise in cyberhomes claim that wired connections should be used as much as possible, particularly for devices which have a fixed location in your property.

For very old homes with thick stone walls, and larger properties which call for a substantial range, a consistent or strong internet connection can be problematic. In these cases, wired connections offer a more dependable solution.

On the Wall or In the Wall?

In brand new homes, fitting smart devices can be a straightforward part of the building process. For older, offline homes keen to get connected, it’s not quite as neat or easy. If you’re planning a renovation, this is a good time to install smart features, sensors and wiring as this will allow you to wire “behind the scenes”.

It is possible to install smart features in your home without needing to hide the technology away behind the walls, but the equipment required can make walls look somewhat cluttered. If you’re happy having smart home equipment creating clutter on your walls, there’s less need to undertake invasive rewiring, but if you’d prefer your technology neatly tucked away, rewiring behind the scenes may be a good idea.

From connecting your smart lighting, to completely rewiring your home, AA Electrical can help give your space a smart tech update.