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Is East Anglia a Prime Location for Solar PV?

It’s been a long wait for a decent burst of summer this year, but now the glorious rays are finally here!

If you’ve been soaking up the sun in the East of England this August, you may not know that you’ve been getting even more lovely sunshine than much of the UK. That’s because areas like East Anglia enjoy some of the highest average sunshine levels in the country. In fact, the average number of sunny hours in August in Lowestoft is a whopping 200!

By comparison, neighbouring regions like Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire receive around 150 fewer hours of sunshine on average each year. While Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex get an average of 1600 hours of sunshine annually, other towns, cities and counties enjoy fewer blue skies:

Does More Sunshine Mean Better Solar Power?

Although numerous environmental factors affect the performance of solar PV panels (from the pitch of your roof and the angle of the panels, to the amount of shade that affects your array), average sunshine levels can make a big difference to how much energy your solar panels can create. Other elements can be tweaked, but high levels of annual sunshine are a big, natural bonus.

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