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How are Electric Vehicles Charged?

All hybrid and full electric vehicles can be charged from a standard domestic electric socket however, due to the limited supply from a home socket, this may not be the most convenient way as it is often very slow. 

Rather than trailing a power lead through an open door or window, there are dedicated charging units that can be installed on the exterior of your home, making charging more efficient. 

Given that private cars are usually parked overnight, most electric car owners rely on home charging to ensure that their EV is ready for use each morning. As well as being convenient, home-based overnight charging also has the advantage of being, in most cases, the cheapest time to recharge.

A Government Grant of £350 inclusive of VAT is available to help cover the cost of a charge point, subject to meeting eligibility criteria.  To see if this is an option for you, check out the following link:

Dedicated charge-points are generally available in either 3kw or 7kw options.  Whilst the 7kw option will be slightly more expensive to have installed, it tends to reduce the charge time down by half, although this varies depending on your electric vehicle. 

If you have solar panels, a great option would be a UK Manufactured Zappi unit.  An award-winning charge point, which looks good and is available in black & white.

These are smart units, with an App that you can control on your phone.

We can offer a charge point to suit your home and needs, so contact us for a free quotation.