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Best “Green Tech” for Your Home

Are you keen to live a greener life? Whether you’re interested in environmentally friendly living because you want to save the planet or simply save money (hey, why not both?), exploring green technology designed for your home can make a big difference to your carbon footprint and your bottom line. In this blog, we’ll be exploring a few of the key green technologies you might want to consider installing…​

Solar PV Panels

Creating electricity from sunlight has to be at the top of any environmentally-minded homeowner’s list. Photovoltaic cells, most commonly described as solar panels, harvest sunlight to create an average of 3,800 kilowatt hours of energy per year (based on the 4kWp system common to the East Anglia region), saving two tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

It can be costly (typically £5000-£8000), but solar PV panels are an investment designed to reap dividends and serious savings on electricity over time. The government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) scheme actually pays you for the electricity you generate and use, and you can also sell any unused energy back to the grid.

LED Lighting

Whether or not you’re using solar power, reducing the amount of electricity your home consumes is a smart way to go green and save money. LED bulbs use 80-90% less energy than standard lightbulbs and can last for 100,000 hours. Yes, they’re somewhat more expensive than traditional bulbs, but by lasting longer and churning through less energy, they actually represent great value – and the price is on the way down, too!

Smart Thermostats

From Nest to Hive, there are now a number of different smart thermostat (and home automation) systems on the market, designed to make controlling your heating, gas and electricity as simple as pressing a button – from anywhere in the world. With lots of features, many of which are designed to reduce energy wastage, these smart systems are a solid investment in green living. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a part of everyday life, you might also want to investigate smart appliances.

Green Plugs

Life gets busy and us humans can be very forgetful. Forgetting to switch off plugs is only too common, but it can also waste an awful lot of electricity. Installing green plugs will ensure any appliance left switched on or on standby for long periods is automatically turned off, reducing your energy consumption (it’s claimed) by up to 41%. At a cost of anywhere between £6.50 and £20 per plug, these are investments in a greener way of life, which will pay for themselves in no time.

At AA Electrical, we can help green-minded business and homeowners across Suffolk and Essex with solar panel installation and other commercial and domestic electrical services.