How To Save Electricity

We’re all looking to save money, and one thing we have learnt at A A Electrical is that electricity can be an expensive commodity. But at A A Electrical, we know the tricks to saving money on your electricity.

Old Applications

It’s plain common sense that an older electrical installation is going to run with less effieciency then newer applications. Applications are now made to be far more efficient as our carbon footprint becomes ever more important, so smart homeowners should be looking to replace their older applications and keep their homes economic.

Keep Your Washing Machine Full

So many people waste electricity by not filling their washing machine to its capacity. Of course, not all of your clothes can be washed together, but washing a singular item or a small few at once doesn’t make sense for saving on your electricity bills.

Energy Saving Bulbs

Lasting 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs and saving around £50 over the lifetime of the bulb, energy saving bulbs are a clear method of saving electricity in the home.

Kettle Economy

It takes a lot of energy to boil a kettle, and boiling water unnecessarily makes no sense. However, using a kettle to boil water for cooking is an eminently better method of preparing water than heating a pan on a stove, being wholly more efficient and also providing a faster method.