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Why Are Smoke Alarms So Important?

Why are smoke alarms so important? To most of you (we hope), this must seem like a pretty daft question. However, fire safety, and the importance of smoke alarms are lost on so many, which can have devastating effects. Between 2013 and 2014 fires were the cause of one fifth of all deaths in Great Britain.*

What many people fail to recognise is that fires can start easily in the home due to a number of seemingly harmless sources; burnt cooking, improperly extinguished cigarettes and electrical fires are generally the most common causes of house fires in the UK. Smoke alarms, if properly maintained and respected, will warn you of the impending danger and ensure you and your family’s safety before the fire has the opportunity to spread.

How can you ensure fire safety?

If fire’s occur, then your most important priority should be removing family members from the vicinity of the fire, but much of fire safety is prevention and indeed preparation for the worst. So how can you improve your fire safety?