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Required Qualifications to become an Electrician

The role of electrician is a varied one. A normal day in the life of an electrician sees them working on a number of projects and installations, and AA Electrical can concur with the variation that life as an electrician provides.

We regularly complete works with both commercial and domestic clients, installing and providing maintenance on products such as smoke alarms, showers, underfloor heating and fuse boards, as well as a number of other important services.

For many, the long process of gaining a qualification as an electrician is unclear, with a number of requirements being important prerequisites of beginning the career.

Initial Requirements

Qualifying as an electrician, requires candidates to hold one of the following:

The first two of these qualifications are accredited by the awarding bodies, City & Guilds (2357) and EAL. The third qualification is accredited by City & Guilds (2365).

LED Lighting

Whether or not you’re using solar power, reducing the amount of electricity your home consumes is a smart way to go green and save money. LED bulbs use 80-90% less energy than standard lightbulbs and can last for 100,000 hours. Yes, they’re somewhat more expensive than traditional bulbs, but by lasting longer and churning through less energy, they actually represent great value – and the price is on the way down, too!


For many electricians, the best route to work is the completion of an Apprenticeship. Combining study with learning on the job, many view Apprenticeships as the best manner of entering a career as an electrician. It can take between two to four years to complete an Apprenticeship, but all of the above qualifications can be achieved.