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Energy Efficiency

Saving money and saving carbon emissions has become the conscious goal of many a householder and business owner. As your monitoring your carbon footprint becomes an important part of your daily routine, people must assess how they can make a change to be more energy efficient on a daily basis


As homeowners, we’re generally wasteful of energy throughout the household, with unnecessary appliances being in a constant state of ‘on’. Heating is the most consumed commodity throughout households in the UK, making up approximately 60% of energy consumed, but lighting, refrigeration and washing and drying all contribute in the household.

  • Turn the heating down, even by a single º1c
  • Turn off televisions and consoles at the plug when unused
  • Use energy saving appliances
  • Invest in solar energy, reducing your impact on your environment


For many businesses, energy efficiency is, somewhat understandably, not a major concern, often falling behind matters of earning money and customers. But business owners have to consider whether failing to invest in energy efficiency is a smart move long term.

  • Boost your reputation, by investing in energy efficient methods, everyone loves an eco warrior
  • Explore new industries and markets by introducing energy efficiency research and development
  • Benefit from government reward programmes encouraging green business practice

Energy efficiency is now a key part of how we live our lives, and can be introduced with ease and with extensive benefits to the part making the introduction. Businesses and homeowners now need to think about their responsibility to investing in energy efficiency. AA Electrical provide electrician services for domestic homeowners and commercial businesses helping them reap the benefits of being more energy efficient.