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Commercial Footprint

As homeowners, we’re always making small changes to our energy consumption, trying to be just that little more energy efficient, but we don’t maintain the same thought process whilst at our place of work. This often results in a misunderstanding of the importance that our commercial footprints have on the country’s energy efficiency.


In the City of London, where the commercial footprint is at its highest, the carbon emissions recorded display how we in our working lives uses energy.

The breakdown clearly displays how the usage of electrical appliances is the key contributor to the commercial footprint of our busiest city. We would expect this to be reflective of the entire country.

Reducing Electrical Output

Such a significant output in electrical applications and equipment through business usage is evidently a situation that needs addressing by individual business owners as well as the staff involved with a company. The responsibility belongs to us all, but what changes can we make?

Your commercial footprint is perhaps the biggest influence you have on the country’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint as a whole, so in the workplace, your dedication to carbon emission reduction should be as important to you as it is in the household.

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