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Benefits of LED Lighting

One of the important services that we complete here at A A Electrical is the installation and maintenance of LED Lighting, one of the most popular forms of lighting in the electrical industry. For many people, the benefits of LED Lighting are seen only in terms of performance and appearance, meaning many of the special benefits of the product go unnoticed. So what are these benefits?

Ecologically Friendly

Whilst most fluorescent lighting bulbs will be found to contain environmentally harmful materials, LED lighting is entirely free of toxic chemicals and 100% recyclable, effectively reducing carbon footprints by up to a third. The long life span of such LED bulbs certainly plays a part in building a greener future, reducing the amount of materials needed for production of a greater number of non-LED bulbs.

Zero UV Emissions

LED lighting produces next to no UV emissions making it highly suitable for heat sensitive goods as well as for the illumination of UV sensitive objects found in museums and art galleries

Cold or Hot Temperatures

In terms of usability, LED lights really are an extraordinary product, able to function in both extremely hot and cold temperatures. For most fluorescent lighting, low temperatures can affect their performance and operation, but LED lighting will continue at full strength.

Low Voltage

LED lighting requires a very low-voltage power supply, making it an excellent option as an outdoor source of lighting. It again leads to highlight the eco-friendly nature of LED lighting, which is fast becoming a popular option.