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4 Common (and Avoidable) Electrical Hazards

It’s all too easy to forget that electricity is dangerous, and hazards can frequently emerge. What should be easy to avoid frequently becomes a real danger in the household. So what are the hazards that you should be looking out for?


A fairly obvious one, we’d have thought, but water and electricity do not mix. So many people will use an electric razor or a hand dryer before their hands are dry after a shower. Never ever touch electrical appliances or outlets with wet hands…it’s just common sense.

Children & Pets

Small children and pets are conveniently placed to bother plug outlets near to the ground and can be curious. It can be hard to watch children and pets all the time, so place plastic coverings over electricity outlets to prevent fingers and paws getting where they shouldn’t be.

Damaged Wires and Cords

Wires and cord that are frayed, corroded or melted are a major electrical hazard that can easily go unnoticed, but cause major injury to any individual who is unlucky or silly enough to mess with them. When you notice a damaged wire, replace or fix it, as soon as possible.

Broken Smoke Alarms

If your smoke alarm is broken, it will do you no good at all, a pretty scary thought considering that it is probably the most important safety feature in your home. Check that your smoke alarm is working frequently and if it needs repairing, do it quickly.