Fire alarm system

At A A Electrical we take safety in the household and the workplace very seriously. In the work that we conduct both domestically and commercially, we look to ensure that safety is respected as an absolute priority. One of the main services that we provide to ensure the safety of our customers is the comprehensive installation of fire alarm systems.

Fire alarm services are an important line of defence against the devastation that a fire can cause and for your own safety, it is important that you ensure your fire alarm system is running smoothly and is prepared to warn you should a fire happen.


Smoke Detectors

If a fire strikes, either in the home or the workplace, those inside need to be warned swiftly, ensuring their safety from the spread of flames. At A A Electrical, we can guarantee that a quality mains system will provide adequate warning should the time come.


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is of vital importance that all homes and offices are fitted with a Carbon Monoxide detector. This is of critical importance for ensuring the safety and protection of those inside the building. Carbon Monoxide is invisible and does not have any smell or taste, so a Carbon Monoxide detector is vital to protect family and colleagues against the harmful effects of this gas, which can otherwise go undetected.

To discuss the installation of fire alarm systems, speak to A A Electrical today.